Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Our family recently got sun toasted and my mom suggested a bath in apple cider vinegar to take the sting out; sure enough, she was right. I have a book that details all the uses of this amazing product, but I hadn't read it up until the other day. I was flipping through this morning and, wouldn't you know it, there was the tip on how to soothe sunburns with apple cider vinegar. I've always used apple cider vinegar whenever some health issue comes up with our family and it never disappoints me. Here are a few of the ways that it has been helpful to us:

Reducing Fever- I have scanned the internet so many times on the natural ways to reduce fevers and we have been fortunate that some of them really worked. High fevers need to be monitored closely, but for the most part, apple cider vinegar baths can help to bring down fevers. I soak my family in a lukewarm bath with about a cup of vinegar for about 20 minutes. Following the bath, I dip their socks in the tub and have them wear the socks after they get out. It sounded crazy the first time I read it too, but it has helped many times. I also dip a washcloth in cool water and vinegar and rest it on their foreheads. Infants and toddlers are a bit tricky because you have to keep a close monitor on their temperatures at all times, but you should find some relief with these tips.

Getting Rid of UTI's- Pregnant ladies and ladies who are post-partum can really appreciate this because we all understand how miserable these infections can be. I'm not a fan of drinking apple cider vinegar, but I would much rather suffer through that then a UTI anyday. 1 cup of apple cider vinegar followed by plenty of water throughout the day can help save you a trip to the ER. It's a good natural urinary cleanser and I take about 1Tbs just for shoots and giggles once in awhile to keep my body clean. Here is the link to a website that has more tips on relieving a UTI naturally.

Sunburns- (This is what the book recommends) Gently pat the skin with ACV and leave it on to relieve the burn and the stinging. For bad burns, pour 1-2 cups of ACV in a cool bath and soak in it. Follow up with the ACV pat mentioned earlier. Use aloe vera gel and wear overnight. Voila! Instant comfort and aided healing!

These are just a few more of the uses that I found in the book that others may find useful.

Constipation- (This is what the book recommends) Boil 2 cups of water and add 2 Tbs of flaxseed; do this for about 10 minutes. Strain the flaxseed and add more water if necessary as it becomes jelli-like. Drink one cup of this mixture with 1 tsp of vinegar first thing in the morning and repeat until your bowels move regularly again.

Acne- (This is what the book recommends) Take 1 quart of water and add 3 Tbs ACV and boil it. remove from heat and place your face over the pan with a towel draped over the head to trap the steam. Pat ACV on your skin with a cottonball to remove dirt and oil. Do this process twice and then use a cold ACV mixture to close the pores once you are all done.

Dandruff, dry hair, thinning hair- (This is what the book recommends) Pour 2 Tbs ACV in a cup. Moisten cotton with water then soak in the ACV. Part the hair in sections and apply directly to scalp. Leave on for fifteen minutes and don't wash your hair for about 2-3 hours following this treatment. This should be done daily for those with acute problems.

The list goes on, but I highly recommend just buying/renting/borrowing the book 'Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System' by Paul Bragg. You may find it here if you would like to learn more about it or to purchase it from the Bragg website.