Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poverty Tells Stories

This is a subject that's always near and dear to my heart. I'm going to share something very personal because it goes along with this video, and I cried my eyes out once I watched it. My mom and I were homeless at one point, very briefly, but we started out in a station wagon when I was real young. Eventually we upgraded to a broken down trailer in a junk yard. I remember sleeping in the car, but not very vividly; I do, however, remember the junk yard and it was one of the greatest times in my life. My toys were the broken down bicycle without any wheels or the old school bus loaded with garbage or the wide array of classic cars left out to rot. I amused myself with things that I found just lying around and I used my imagination to entertain me and I never once felt that I needed more. The only time that I was hurt was when we only had enough food to feed me and my mom would eat whatever I didn't finish. She worked three jobs to get us out of that situation, but it took a very long time. I didn't know then, but Mom only ate Gerber food because it was all that she could afford because my table scraps, alone, were not enough to sustain her. We stood in the lines at the food bank and I used to make friends with everyone around me. I played with the homeless guy and I was the most giddy little girl whenever Mom and I would get free food from strangers. I didn't understand at the time, but I understand now. My mom was tormented with our poverty, but I was having the time of my life. I loved that junk yard, I enjoyed sleeping next to my mom in the car, I enjoyed meeting those humble strangers. My mom made sure that I was always taken care of and life, for me, was RICH. So when I saw this video, especially the ending, I couldn't help but to be torn up inside. When you have nothing, something is everything; when you have everything something is nothing. So many of us live in abundance and yet we remain unhappy. I pray that you look upon your life with excitement and joy each day even during times when it feels as if you have nothing. I pray that you reach your hand out to those in need and share your love with others, even if love is all you can give. I pray that you are thankful for everything that God provides for you and that you make use of all your blessings. I pray that you never look down on another nor that you believe yourself greater in any way. I pray for humanity to be rich in life and love and laughter, not only material wealth. I pray that everyone sees the beauty in every situation and knows that everything happens in life for a reason. I pray for many things, but know that I pray for humanity every day and my prayers are answered every day; it is just up to others to receive it.

God bless you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Great story and a wonderful lesson

I was going through and deleting my emails this morning and I didn't know who this came from so I deleted it, but then I had a feeling to dig in my trash and open it up to read it. I'm very glad that I did because this was a wonderful story. It's funny how appropriate it is right now too and I think that everyone can identify with running ahead of God once in awhile. I think that I received this email for a reason and perhaps someone else is reading this for a reason too. If not, then I hope that this at least brings a smile to someone today. :)
Running Ahead
By Melodi Leih

My friend Sheila and I were at the mall with our four-year-old girls beside us and our two small boys in strollers. My daughter Megan pushed the elevator button and as the doors opened, she and her friend Daniella stepped inside. Before Sheila and I could push the strollers in, the elevator doors closed with the girls inside, frantically calling for us as the elevator took off. I quickly headed up the escalator to try and catch them. When I reached the elevator upstairs, the girls were nowhere to be found and no one had seen them get off. I checked the other floors and then raced back downstairs.

As I arrived, the elevator doors opened with the girls inside. I have never before been so relieved. For years after, Megan refused to get into an elevator unless I got in first, saying, “I’m not going ahead of you anymore Momma.” Words of wisdom to be sure.

When I think about what “could be” in my life or the lives of my kids, I can easily get ahead of God as if my way would get me there faster. But in reality, I just end up getting lost like my daughter did. God has a plan for me and my children that I can trust. He is in control, so I’ll stand beside him, and not run ahead.

Dear God, thank you for the plans you have for me and my family. Teach me to not run ahead so I won’t miss out on the wonders you have in store.