Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Great story and a wonderful lesson

I was going through and deleting my emails this morning and I didn't know who this came from so I deleted it, but then I had a feeling to dig in my trash and open it up to read it. I'm very glad that I did because this was a wonderful story. It's funny how appropriate it is right now too and I think that everyone can identify with running ahead of God once in awhile. I think that I received this email for a reason and perhaps someone else is reading this for a reason too. If not, then I hope that this at least brings a smile to someone today. :)
Running Ahead
By Melodi Leih

My friend Sheila and I were at the mall with our four-year-old girls beside us and our two small boys in strollers. My daughter Megan pushed the elevator button and as the doors opened, she and her friend Daniella stepped inside. Before Sheila and I could push the strollers in, the elevator doors closed with the girls inside, frantically calling for us as the elevator took off. I quickly headed up the escalator to try and catch them. When I reached the elevator upstairs, the girls were nowhere to be found and no one had seen them get off. I checked the other floors and then raced back downstairs.

As I arrived, the elevator doors opened with the girls inside. I have never before been so relieved. For years after, Megan refused to get into an elevator unless I got in first, saying, “I’m not going ahead of you anymore Momma.” Words of wisdom to be sure.

When I think about what “could be” in my life or the lives of my kids, I can easily get ahead of God as if my way would get me there faster. But in reality, I just end up getting lost like my daughter did. God has a plan for me and my children that I can trust. He is in control, so I’ll stand beside him, and not run ahead.

Dear God, thank you for the plans you have for me and my family. Teach me to not run ahead so I won’t miss out on the wonders you have in store.