Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Gift of Giving

I had the sincere honor to work with the volunteers of GRACE yesterday and I am beyond blown away at the tremendous support of contributions and volunteers working together to make sure this is a good holiday for those in need. I was able to do the fun stuff of picking out what clothes and toys would go to each family and wrapping the gifts for them. I browsed many items and I expected (since every item was donated) that there would be a lot of dollar store toys or thin items of clothing that would most likely tear with the first washing, but there wasn't a single item that appeared as if it were just randomly purchased without generous thought. I almost cried because I could almost see every toy and clothing item being carefully selected. I could see the person scrutinizing over whether the toy would be something fun or educational or whether it would be something to bring a happy tear to the eyes of an excited child and an appreciative mother who just wants the best for her children, but can't afford to provide that for them. It's overwhelming to imagine the different situations and to wrap your mind around all the unconditional love that everyone is pouring into this. It leaves you speechless to be in the middle of it all.

For those of you that do not understand what 'Positive Energy' means...what I described is a perfect example of positive energy. Taking the best parts of you and sharing it unconditionally with the world; being completely selfless and genuinely using God's grace to take care of those in need even if you are one of them also. God made us to be so special and it would be careless to let our gifts go to waste. I pray that everyone takes the time to be completely selfless at least once a day. It doesn't necessarily have to be joining a charity either; sometimes the smallest good deed can be what brings about the greatest happiness to someone else.

Christmas time is the best time of year to find organizations and charities because there tend to be more during these holidays; however, I encourage this kind of selfless devotion of time and energy throughout the year as well. Get in contact with your local churches and organizations and find out how you can make a difference to others in your community. If there aren't any activities going on then lead your own cause or reach out to as many as possible on your own. Another way of helping would be to step out of yourself and pay attention to friends, family, or even a complete stranger who wears a mark of sadness over them. You could really make someone's day by simply being a shoulder to cry on or even bring a lasting smile to someone with a witty joke or two. The possibilities are endless and every deed requires so little, but the rewards are so grand. God bless everyone!