Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Get Service' Video

Was any of this familiar? How often are we so rushed that we don't take the time to consider the well-being of others? How often are we short with the lady at the checkout stand because the scanner won't scan an item and she has to call the manager? How about the truck driver making a safe turn and taking up two lanes of traffic to do so? Those are just a couple of examples, but I'm certain that this video probably helped bring to mind a certain situation that you've been in recently that has required a bit of your patience to deal with. How did you handle it? With grace and understanding or with intolerance and hostility? It's easier said than done at first, but patience can be learned once we start viewing others as imperfect creatures and practicing tolerance whenever something happens that is out of our control. Love comes from the understanding that we are dealing with our own trials and a level of compassion and care should be applied before we react too quickly. God bless!