Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Sooth a Toothache or a Teething Baby

How to Sooth a Toothache or a  Teething Babythumbnail 

There is a natural way of helping alleviate a toothache or a baby's sensitive gums and that is using fresh basil leaves. They smell great; they taste great; they are natural; and they leave your mouth feeling tingly. There really is no down side to this at all.

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    This could not be any easier than just chewing on a Basil leaf. Actually, that is exactly what you will be doing.
    *Pick out a fresh piece of Basil and chew it in the area of your tooth ache or area of sensitivity. You will feel the tingling almost immediately. It will only be effective temporarily so if you are having chronic dental issues, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible to avoid further dental/medical issues.

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    If your baby is teething, just grab their pacifier or chew toy and crumble a handful of Basil leaves over the toy. Ensure that you pick off any leaves prior to giving to infant to prevent from choking. It will sooth their gums as soon as they chew on their toy and it's safer than whiskey.

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    I find that Basil lasts longer than the taste of fresh Mint so I usually break off a leaf before I leave the house to make sure that I have fresh breath longer. The fresh Basil is also handy for cooking as well.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Make sure that you nor your baby is allergic to Basil. You can take a leaf and rub it against your skin to see if there is any irritation in that area shortly after; you can do this for your baby as well.
    • You will need to observe your child to ensure that they do not have any allergic reactions to the Basil. It is a natural herb, however, everyone is different and reacts differently to various herbs. I recommend not introducing them to new foods for at least a week after having them chew on their Basil toys. This way you can see if they are having an allergic reaction to the herb rather than something they ate.
    • Do not give your child a fresh Basil leaf to chew on because it can easily get lodged in their throat and could block their airway. The essence on the toy, alone, is enough.
    • If you are having chronic tooth pain, see your dentist ASAP! This is not a remedy to cure; it's a remedy to sooth. Good luck!